Brunello wine tasting at Il Paradiso di Frassina, a unique experience between music and vineyards

Your Brunello wine tasting at Il Paradiso di Frassina will be a unique experience, a journey of the senses in the heart of Val d’Orcia

Il Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino, a renowned winery also known as the Mozart’s Vineyard, is a place out of the ordinary, where the Brunello wine tasting turns into a real experience to try.

Degustazioni di Brunello al Paradiso di Frassina

Arriving from the dirt road between the hills, Mozart’s music immediately embraces those who get at Il Paradiso di Frassina. The symphonies echo in the vineyards and disperse on the magnificent panorama, which embraces Montalcino, with its unmistakable fortress, the Mount Amiata and the hills of the Val d’Orcia valley. Once in the cellar, the scent of the oak barrels echoes with the aromas, tastes and colors of our wines: a real journey of the senses.

Mozart’s musical notes constantly accompany the life cycle of the vine, in a truly enchanting natural setting. Here, in fact, music therapy between the rows of vines is used to grow healthy and strong vines, without the use of harmful products for the environment.

Il Paradiso di Frassina is in fact an organic winery where a scientific project is carried out on the undoubted beneficial effects of music on the quality of the vine and consequently of the wine.

The Vineyard of Mozart in Montalcino

The beauty of the natural scenery in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, the melodies of Mozart, and the excellent wines make this place special, but Il Paradiso di Frassina is also characterized by a different way of making wine, which is linked to loving and respecting biodiversity and the nature that surrounds us.

A conception of producing wines, which is “slow”, eco-sustainable and respectful not only of the earth but also of all the species that inhabit it and of the people who work there.

Tasting experience at Paradiso di Frassina: walk to Mozart’s vineyard and visit to the cellars

Visita alla Vigna di Mozart

Your tasting experience at Il Paradiso di Frassina will begin with a guided tour of the Mozart’s Vineyard, where a pleasant walk will take you along the vineyards of Sangiovese Grosso, the future Brunello, surrounded by the classic harmonies of the famous composer from Vienna. We will explain the studies of music therapy to the vine and the positive effects of sound waves on plants and then the visit will continue in the ancient cellars, where the wine is aged in French oak barrels, concluding with the tasting of our wines.

Brunello wine tasting: Trio or Quartet?

Brunello wine tasting at il Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino


For the tasting of our wines, we move to the cool stone walls of the centenary cellar, where the wine rests in barrels, barriques and tonneaux. It is also possible to organize wine tastings outside, on the shady lawn in front of the cellar.

At the time of tasting you can choose between the Trio or the Quartet.

The Trio includes the tasting of 3 of our wines:

  • Brunello di Montalcino Moz Art Wine
  • Rosso di Montalcino Gea
  • Maremma Toscana Rosso 12 Uve

The Quartet includes the tasting of all 4 of our wines:

  • Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Magic Flute 
  • Brunello di Montalcino Moz Art Wine
  • Rosso di Montalcino Gea
  • Maremma Toscana Rosso 12 Uve

You can decide whether to accompany the wine tasting with breadsticks or with a platter of raw ham, pecorino cheese and Tuscan bread.

Degustazioni di Brunello al Paradiso di Frassina


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