Dazzling Stars of the Orcia

From Milan to Montalcino, from court to the vineyards, from traditional viticulture to ‘fonobiologico’.

Carlo Cignozzi ‘the man who whispers to the vines’ shares his story in his latest book ‘Vaghe Stelle dell’Orcia’.
A collection of anecdotes written in a burlesque tone and illustrated by the drawings of a little Gea, bringing back to life the memories of over thirty years of a curious man who has found new roots in the hills of Montalcino.

What brought a lawyer from Milan to the hills of Brunello?
How has the territory changed from the seventies up until today?
How did the somewhat crazy dream of playing music to the vineyards transform into a new frontier of research?

A novel about wine and its people, outlining Carlo’s past: the early days at Caparzo winery, the adventures in the Montalcino, a revealing journey in Brazil, and then, the intuition: playing music in the vineyards of Sangiovese.

A unique story, combining the life experience of an enlightened vigneron with the events of a territory in continuous turmoil: the Val d’Orcia which shines with ideas and dazzling stars.

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