The 2022 organic extra virgin olive oil from Il Paradiso di Frassina

The 2022 organic oil from Il Paradiso di Frassina, an excellent year

In the splendid Maremma countryside, a few kilometers from the sea, in the municipality of Cinigiano south of Tuscany, is our olive grove, with about eighty trees. Our olive trees are right next to the vineyards dedicated to our extraordinary 12 Uve wine.

The varieties of olive trees are typical of Tuscany; Frantoio and Leccino with some Pendolino trees that serve as pollinators. This year has been a very good and productive year, spring allowed us to have excellent flowering.

olio biologico paradiso di frassina

In June there were really many olives, some then fell due to the intense heat of this summer, and those that remained did not grow due to the lack of water.

But even in this case, just as happened with the vintage of our grapes, nature surprised us!

With the first rains of mid-August, the plants managed to capture all the water and this made the olives grow, which swelled. Thanks then to the lowering of the temperatures, to the temperature range and to further rains, the olives have finished ripening.

We harvested the perfectly ripe olives starting on November 10th. The yield, around 11%, was not optimal. In fact, the olives were swollen with water, but the result was a really good oil, sapid and with a nice green color and an intense aroma.

The olive harvest was done by hand, every evening we collected about thirty boxes, which we then took to Montalcino to be leafed through. The olives were pressed immediately and this is essential to obtain a good quality oil.

In all we did 4 harvests in 4 days for a total of about 12 quintals of olives. We have produced 200 half liter bottles of oil for our private customers.

For next year, the goal is to lower the plants a little with pruning. The olive tree is a plant that tends to have an alternation of production and pruning serves precisely to balance this alternation.

Our extra virgin olive oil is organic, the management in the field is organic but the oil mill is also certified organic.

The closure of the olive growing year is represented by the day on which the oil is bottled. In the morning we buy fresh warm bread, the oil festival is when we eat delicious bruschetta all together!

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