The phases of a vintage: the thinning of the bunches and the defoliation of the vine

The phases of a whole vintage are many and all are very important. As we have seen in our article dedicated to the choice of the sprouts and the control of the threads in the vineyard, they accompany the life of a vineyard every day, up to the best known event which is the grape harvest.

During this week we have been busy with the thinning of the bunches and the defoliation of the vine; two common and widespread cultivation practices that are carried out in the period before the grape harvest. (more…)

Love and respect for the environment, the sowing of green manure at Il Paradiso di Frassina Winery

La semina del sovescio in Vigna

At Il Paradiso di Frassina, winery in Montalcino, in the heart of the beautiful Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, we love and respect everything that nature has given us; every day for us is the Earth Day, and everything we do is dictated by love for the earth and respect for the environment. (more…)

La Vigna di Mozart

The Vineyard of Mozart in Montalcino

The Vineyard of Mozart is a beautiful vineyard in Montalcino, scenic hill town in central Tuscany, famous worldwide for the production of the prestigious Brunello di Montalcino wine. There are a lot of vineyards producing Brunello in the area, but Il Paradiso di Frassina is unique, as are its wines.

Our Paradiso di Frassina, also known as the Vineyard of Mozart, is a special winery in Italy where Mozart’s melodious music is spread not only among the vines but also in the cellar.