12 Uve Wine, the Crazy Blend of Il Paradiso di Frassina

Our 12 UVE is a truly unique red wine, there are no similar ones.

It is one of the most interesting Super Cru wines of the Italian enology. It is not a Super Tuscan, but comes from the blend of 12 different grapes; six from Tuscany and six from Bordeaux, which grow in our vineyard in Maremma, on the hills of Cinigiano, in the beautiful countryside south of Tuscany. (more…)

The phases of a vintage: the choice of the shoots and the control of the threads in the vineyard

Spring has now exploded in all its beauty. Hills are carpeted in shades of green and gold, roses have blossomed and are gently rocked by the wind. Our vineyard is blossoming in all its splendor; it is that period of the year in which our clusters are starting to bloom; it is a very important moment of the year. (more…)