Wine tasting at the Mozart vineyard in Montalcino

The Paradiso di Frassina, an ancient medieval farm dating from the 11th century, is located five kilometers north of Montalcino, in Tuscany, at the foot of the hill of Montosoli, among the best wine producing areas of the famous Brunello of Montalcino Wine.

The landscape here is beautiful, and offers splendid views across the scenic rolling Tuscan hills, with woods, olive groves and vineyards, as far as the eye can see.
Paradiso di Frassina, in fact, enjoys a unique location in the wonderful countryside south of Siena, known as the Val d'Orcia valley, at the border with Chianti, and is renowned for its prestigious Italian wines and famous wineries.

Mozart music is played among the vines; the beneficial effects of musical frequencies on the vines

All arriving here will find themselves pleasantly immersed in the harmonies of Mozart music, that is played and spread amid the rows of vines thanks to a hundred speakers, in ecstasy with nature.
This is not something born to amaze the visitor, but it’s the result of a serious agronomic and scientific research concerning the beneficial effects of musical frequencies on the vines (Vitis Vinifera), supported by the Universities of Florence and Pisa, and from the center of agronomic research of Arezzo, and sponsored by the prestigious company BOSE, specialized in the production of audio systems.

That's what makes staying at Paradiso di Frassina very special! Music in the vineyards...Mozart melodies and Brunello wine...Staying at Paradiso di Frassina will offer the possibility to taste some of the best Brunello red wine, with interesting wine tastings and visit to the cellars, in a unique and exclusive musical atmosphere.

You may also decide to stop here and stay at the farm's agriturismo with pool, offering accommodation in 2 fully equipped apartments; with views over the vineyards, in the magical countryside south of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany.