Il Paradiso di Frassina at the first edition of the Slow Wine Fair in Bologna, the fair for good, clean and fair wine

Il Paradiso di Frassina at the first edition of the Slow Wine Fair

Il Paradiso di Frassina alla Fiera Slow Wine a Bologna

The first edition of the Slow Wine Fair took place at Bologna Fiere on the 27th, the 28th and the 29th of this past March. The Slow Wine Fair is an international fair dedicated to good, clean and fair wine, characterized by the participation of hundreds of wine producers and wine professionals from both Italy and abroad.

Small producers and organic wineries that respect the environment took part in the fair. The concept of a good, clean and fair wine is in fact linked to the protection of biodiversity, the respect for the territory and the people who work there.

The fair was therefore an appeal to environmental but also social responsibility.

Environmental sustainability and organic agriculture are the themes at the center of the Slow Wine fair, themes that are on the rise also in the world of wine, and which are at the basis of the birth of our Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino.

Thanks to the music spread among Mozart’s vineyards, completely organic wines are produced at il Paradiso di Frassina. Thanks to the beneficial power of the sound waves spread by Mozart’s notes, the chemicals used on plants are reduced by more than 50%.

In fact, music proves to be a powerful ally in drastically reducing the use of pesticides on the vines, thus helping the environment.

Eventi Marzo Paradiso di Frassina, slow wine fair

Our impressions of the Slow Wine Fair

The Slow Wine fair was a very important event with the participation of 600 producers; obviously with a smaller number of people in comparison to great wine fairs such as Vinitaly or ProWein; but we could say it’s better that way.

The fair, divided into regions, was very interesting; we received the visit of people that were very curious about our methodology, about the fact of playing music in the vineyard, and about our music therapy. All the people visiting us were  very interested people, eager to know and learn more about how we produce our wines.

We have applied our request to enter the Slow Wine guide of wines which works differently in respect to other guides, which, after sending the wine, give a score and insert you in their wine guide.

The Slow Wine guide does not give a score but a comment, a judgment. Before being included in their guide, however, the Slow Wine’s team will taste the wine at the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium, and in addition to that, the person responsible for our area will come directly to the cellar to understand if the company and the people who work there are in the Slow Wine perspective, that means to work and think about viticulture in a certain way.

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