A special place in Montalcino: the vineyard where Mozart’s music is spread among the vines

La Vigna di Mozart

The Vineyard of Mozart in Montalcino

The Vineyard of Mozart is a beautiful vineyard in Montalcino, scenic hill town in central Tuscany, famous worldwide for the production of the prestigious Brunello di Montalcino wine. There are a lot of vineyards producing Brunello in the area, but Il Paradiso di Frassina is unique, as are its wines.

Our Paradiso di Frassina, also known as the Vineyard of Mozart, is a special winery in Italy where Mozart’s melodious music is spread not only among the vines but also in the cellar.

This is an incredible and magnificent project of music therapy applied to the vines, in this case also the vines for the production of the Brunello wine. Mozart’s music, which is played constantly to the vineyard, improves the quality of the grapes and therefore the quality of the wines of the Mozart Vineyard, which are all organic. A project that has even been defined by the United Nations as one of the most eco-sustainable in the world.

Music therapy applied to the vines

mozart music played to the vines

It all began in the year 2000, when Carlo Cignozzi, lawyer and music lover, created the Paradiso di Frassina in the land of Brunello, thus realizing his dream of experiencing the beneficial effects of music on vines for the first time in the world.

Inspired by the research done on the subject centuries and centuries ago in the far and fascinating East, Carlo revolutionized the way of producing Brunello wine through music therapy, experimenting and verifying over time the undoubted beneficial effects of musical frequencies on plants, in particular on vines (Vitis Vinifera).

For Carlo, music is such an important component for our life that involving plants and animals is not only beautiful but also useful, useful for reaching a goal, that is to eliminate the use of pesticides and other harmful chemical products on plants and even on animals. This means that the high quality wines produced by il Paradiso di Frassina are absolutely organic and produced in an eco-sustainable way.

The project followed a great success and aroused great interest from the media.

This is a serious project, the result of a scientific research followed and supported by three universities: Florence, Pisa and Arezzo. The research is also sponsored and supported with conviction by the well-known prestigious American company BOSE, among the best companies in the world for audio systems.

We can say that wine is better right thanks to Mozart’s music, why?

We will tell you about that in the next post along with many other curiosities.


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