Special selection
Flauto Magico

This is a unique and inimitable Brunello. From 2008, thanks to Bose, we were able to play music to one of our Brunello vineyards (comprising 1 hectare or 2.47-acres), using 50 loud-speakers which we placed specially along each vine row. We then made sure the Brunello grapes from this “Mozart Vineyard” were fermented seperately in our winery. We decided to leave the wine from those fortunate Brunello grapes in barrel for 8 months longer than normal. That’s how Il Paradiso di Frassina’s first ‘cru’ or ‘great growth’ was born. Dedicating this wine so immersed in musical harmony to Mozart, we called it ‘The Magic Flute’. We produce only 1,500 bottles and 100 magnums of it each year.

 Technical notes