When you arrive at Paradiso you will feel completely immersed in the harmonies of Mozart, resonating gently along the vine rows and across the hills before you. There is a veritable influx of musical therapy pilgrims to Paradiso each year, so we suggest you book your visit in advance through our online form at the bottom of the page or via a simple phone call (English spoken).

Weather permitting, your visit will begin with a walk around the Mozart vineyard, located directly opposite the hill of Montalcino. Paradiso's team will welcome you and explain everything about our Musica & Vigne ('Music and Vines') project.

The visit continues inside the old wine cellars which form part of the renovated farmhouse which dates the the medieval period, where you can learn about how the wine is made.

The tasting of the "wines of Paradiso di Frassina" will provide an exulting climax for your senses, already stimulated by both the breathtaking views and Mozart’s musical harmonies.

Our wines can be purchased directly at the estate.


To book your wine tasting, please contact us at: info@alparadisodifrassina.it

Wine tasting fee:

  • for groups up to 15 people: € 10,00 per person
  • for groups more than 15 people, please ask for a quote by mail: info@alparadisodifrassina.it
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