In 1999, Giancarlo sold his majority shareholding in the Caparzo winery which he felt was becoming too big and no longer fitted with his own philosophy; so Giancarlo looked for and found in Il Paradiso di Frassina an estate whose much smaller dimensions were suggestive of the kind of hand-made fantasy vineyard he had always wanted.

It would take Giancarlo around two years to restore this old farmstead, whose origins date back to around 1,000AD but which had been abandoned over 50 years; but in the end his dream did become true.
In this fabulous place, overlooking a never-ending panorama of pristine, gently rolling hills, a crazy idea was born, that of playing music to the vines.

The struggle to achieve this was both a joy and a challenge for Giancarlo, and is told in his book L’uomo che sussurra alle vigne [The Vine Whisperer], published in 2010 by Rizzoli.

The book recounts the existential, emotional and scientific journey, from the moment Giancarlo had this flash of intuition to the time when he first treated the vineyard using music therapy. This work subsequently became the subject of a research project led by the Universities of Pisa and Florence.

The Vine Whisperer is not only an account of the music therapy experiments but is also the story of the joy and difficulty of living life in an unconventional way, far from the hurly burly of the big city.